The best sleeping bag for you is going to be the one that meets all or your particular criteria. You will need to limit the field as there are so many different bags to pick from, and it can quickly end up being frustrating.

You can find the best sleeping bag in every design and temperature level range. So how do you determine what you need in one? Here are Sleeping Bag 02some tips for limiting the myriad of options in sleeping bags.

First think about the weather condition and temperature range of the location where you will be using your bag. If you’re going to be hanging around in wet soggy environments, you’ll be better off with an artificial fill bag, as it will retain some heat even when wet. Although a bag can be superior in convenience, heat and weight, you’ll be miserable if it gets wet as it takes forever to dry. Do not rely on the manufacturer provided temperature range, but look for a bag that is ranked lower than what you anticipate running into on your trip. For added warmth, you can constantly try using a bag liner and a bevy bag as well as Sleeping Bag 03sleeping in your clothing. These are things that can be easily removed if it warms up.

Next find out which design would fit you best. If you’ll be cabin or vehicle camping, you can choose a heavier, bulkier rectangular bag. But if you are going backpacking every ounce will certainly count, and you’ll find the lightest weight bags, in addition to the compressible are mummy bags weighing in at mere ounces. On the other hand, if you feel too restricted in the cocoon-like mummy bag, a semi mummy provides you a bit more wiggle space without weighing in too heavy for backpacking.Sleeping Bag 01

There are light weight sleeping bags particularly created for females cut narrower in the shoulders and bigger in the hips, with extra insulation in the feet and torso locations. If you are tall, try to find a bag marked long as they will fit from 6 to 6 and a half feet. The long bag is also an excellent option for individuals with waistlines more than 40 inches.

Now you must have a great idea of what you require in a sleeping bag. Similar to any equipment you think about acquiring, you will want to carefully examine a bag before you purchase it. Go to a shop that has a wide variety of bags. You can even try them on to make certain you have adequate space.

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