A cigar is a substance manufactured with fermented tobacco. The difference between cigar and cigarette is that cigar is quite expensive just because of it has a sweet scent. Most people believe that smoking cigar is such a cool thing.

The sweet smoke makes you feel comfortable even after having some problem. Cigar has some power to make feel relaxed. You will always see most actors and actresses in the movies smoking the cigar for fun; it makes you have a scene of a comfortable life. The benefits of cigar smoking are as follows.

You feel relaxed

This is the main effect of the cigar to the human body. Once you feel like you had a long tiresome day; you will be relaxed after taking a cigar. The cigar is manufactured in a way that gives it the power to relieve your stress when you take it. It is capable of eliminating all the worries clearing your mind. Eventually, you feel comfortable. Sometimes it can help you make decisions when you feel like you are confused. You only need to smoke one cigar, and you are good to go. Cigar smoking is also enjoyable comparing to cigarettes.

inpresing your self

It enhances your conversation

Sometimes you may lack confidence facing the crowd. Cigar gives you a good impression when you are with people especially other smoke lovers. Some people also take cigar smoking as their hobby. The impact of the cigar is to give you the impression and courage to face someone and converse respectfully. For instance, when you meet someone new at your dinner table, you will be able to have a nice talk and enjoy the cigar together. Cigar boosts your self-esteem gradually as you smoke it.

Boosts your patience

People who smoke a cigar as a hobby are always patient. For instance, when you are in the middle of some busy schedule, and you are waiting for a taxi, you can be enjoying your cigar. The cigar also reduces the appetite for eating, you can sometimes skip a meal, and you will be like there is no big deal. You are not supposed to skip some activities on your schedule, but you can time yourself in smoking as you wait for the other event to happen. When you are used to waiting, your patience grows without getting bored.

Cigar catches the women’s attention

enjoying your selfCigar, unlike cigarettes, attracts women all the time you smoke it. Men are people who smoke cigar more compared to women. Therefore, these women would always want to sit beside men smoking a cigar because it is cool compared to the cigarette. The attention the man creates in women can give him fame for his good.
In conclusion, the cigar has cool benefits to the cigar smoker. However, even though it is beneficial, the user has to give it some limits by moderating the usage. This will help him or her to avoid the risks of future complications. This article remarks that smoking a finer cigar is good for you, although you should have it under control to avoid future risks.

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