The buzz on making money selling other people’s products online has been in existence for a long time now. With most affiliate marketing platforms, making money is easier said than done. It is only recently that the Mage Omega X appeared to make a difference in the affiliate marketing arena. This program introduces the funnel e-commerce platform, which has several advantages over the traditional e-commerce platform. Indeed, Greg Jacobs simplifies affiliate marketing into a straightforward money making process for those who play by the rules.

What You Needs To Know About Mage Omega X Mage Omega X is an affiliate marketing training course by Greg Jacobs. It explains the process of earning commissions by selling other people’s products. It helps affiliate marketers start from scratch and make $ 20,000 in profits within a very short time. This profit forms a basis for more success in the future.

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This course offers 13 training sessions with tutorials and videos for the learner. In the first session, the learner is taken through the basic processes of getting started- installing funnels, setting up a hosting account, business email, shopping cart and all the basic e-commerce website settings. Learners do not need to worry about this session because all the set-ups can be done for them. After the basics, the course introduces the four funnels that you will need to succeed as an affiliate marketer- the Retail Funnel, For Sale (FS) funnel, Viral Funnel and Funded Today funnel. You can customize these funnels to represent what you want to achieve as an affiliate marketer. For more insight check out Jeff Lenney MageOmegaX Review.

The technical sessions

After the basic sessions of the program comes the technical sessions. In these sessions, more complicated settings are explained. For instance, the integration of your domain name is explained in a simple and clear way. Facebook advertising is also explained in detail. A person also learns how to make the first sale in these sessions. This is not an easy step, as it involves a thorough product research. However, once you get the first sale right, you are almost there.

Going to the next level

You have learned how to make your first sale in the technical sessions. In the remaining sessions, the learner is introduced to fulfilling customer orders and conducting successful product research. With time, you also learn how to sell your own products- you don’t have to sell other people’s products throughout your life. And of course, there is the crowdfunding dream bonus at the end.

Pros and cons

Mage Omega X beats other affiliates training courses in its simplicity. With this course, everything is provided for you- funnels are installed and a hosting account is set up for you to begin. Other tasks such as setting up of the business email, SMTP, shopping cart and payment processor can also be done or you You don’t have to spend months learning things that appear complicated to you. With the Mage Omega X, you can get started immediately, set your goals and smile all the way to the bank.

Overall verdict

dkjskjskjwsjkwjkNo one has the time to learn affiliate marketing for months. That is why Mage Omega X is a suitable option for those who want to succeed as affiliate marketers. It may have its own weaknesses, but overall, it is a great course.

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