Water softeners are essential in every home. If your home has a supply of hard water, then you need a water softener to make the water soft. We all know that trying to clean with hard water can be challenging to most people. You need a water softener to make your water good enough for cleaning. The problem comes in choosing the right water softener keeping in mind that there are many types and brands available in the market. Please read this article to know more about water softeners. A water softener doesn’t come cheap, and you need to make sure that you find one that will give you value for your money.

Water softener buying guide

Capacity of the water softener

The capacity of the water softener is a great determinant when buying one. For a larger family, you will need a water softener with a bigger capacity. One thing that you must understand about a water softener is the fact that the capacity is measured in grains. Grain removal is a chemical measurement based on the rate at which the water softener can purify the water. The average capacity for a family is a 32000-grain water softener. The water in such a water softener will be generated at least once every week.


Water regeneration method

The water regeneration method will determine the type of water softener that you choose. There are three types of regeneration methods, and you need to consider the right method for you. For instance, we have a timer water regeneration method, and this means that the water is regenerated based on specific time intervals. Meter regeneration water softeners regenerate water based on your usage. If your usage is high, then the regeneration is also high. The last type of water softeners is the manual water regeneration where water is regenerated when you want it to.


The installation process will also determine the type of water softener that you choose. You might want to consider a water softener that you can easily install in your plumbing system. Most of the models will come with complete instructions on how to install the water softener in your plumbing system.


Customer support

Look for a model that offers customer support and even after sale services. After buying the water softener, you might need help from the company. You need to consider a company that cares about their customers.

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