Photographs of a wedding are ways of saving the special day and moments when two people are starting a new life together. They serve as mementos of happy times in the couple’s life.

There are many styles of photography to choose from but the decision on which style to go with totally depends on the couple and the family and Photography 03how they prefer to record the special moments in their life.

The Bride and Groom have so much to do in preparing and organizing for their special day.It is not easy to concentrate on what style is best, It is, therefore, a very helpful thing to have a professional. Choosing a wedding photographer is not easy as you will need one who can advise you on the best style to use and also is professional.

Nowadays, photographers use high-end digital cameras for taking photos, and they can do so many different things with the cameras including adding effects and shades when appropriate.

The good photographers keep themselves up to date with the latest trends in photography so that they can offer the couples a choice of different styles. However, the main two styles of photography that has endured through time are Traditional Wedding Photography or Photojournalistic Photography. Let us take a look at them both in brief.
Photography 27The Traditional Method

The Old or traditional way of recording a wedding was with still posed photographs. The family will have one with the couple and then the wedding entourage and then relative and friends by groups. This is how it has been done for a long time, and many conservative couples still opt for this method of photography.

The Photojournalistic Method

It is a more modern way of taking photos and what it means is the person wielding the camera keeps an eye out for special moments and occurrences to record. It is a way of telling the story of the day as it unfolds. Often this style of photography start a day earlier as they record everything from the preparation of the wedding until the sendoff. Many modern and hip couples opt for this method of recording their special day.

The main thong to remember is that it does not matter what your choice is you must have a professional who can deliver the photos that will give you fond memories for years to come.

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