What is it that distinguishes an e-commerce platform? What makes one better than another? A successful e-commerce is one that solves both the businesses needs and the consumer’s needs. The platform should offer solutions that are not only limited to you and your customers. The plataforma e-commerce is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms.

Below are some E-commerce features;

jhjhhjhjhhjhhjhjA platform that can be used on the mobile device and a design that is responsive. The e-commerce platform should be utilized on the mobile screen device. This should be so as most transactions are one mobile today. A cell phone site is very costly to use a mobile site and sustain its existence given the different screen sizes available in the market today. Your website has many benefits if it has a responsive design. Some of the benefits include; increased page rank, increased conversions and lower bounce rates.

The user experience ensures cash

It is a theory that the most loyal of customers will still be present in low seasons. Customers always prefer a seamless and effortless experience on the site. If the process to getting to the product is too detailed even the most willing of clients will ditch you for a competitor. It is very convenient and profitable if an e-commerce website has the conversion phase at the add cart section and the final stage.

After the add to cart then you can further engage the consumer by giving them the dimensions, color selection, etc. The website should be tailormade in the sense that you flawlessly progress to the next level leading to the final stage of getting the product. Color should be used wisely to ensure that it attracts the users of the website. This is because a bright color triggers a part of the brain that causes us to be interested.

Simple user interface

The eCommerce platform should be user-friendly. The consumers need not be site gurus to gain access and to the platform. The simplicity of the website enhances your profits. This is because if the location us simple it encourages repeat purchases and also attracts new customers. A wise company ensures that the site allows the client to log in, select the item, put it in the cart, pay and sign out in the shortest time possible.

Open Source

fdfdfdfdfdfdAn e-commerce site is the most preferred place for small businesses and companies that have just started as it cuts down on operational costs if the firm had physical locations.

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